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at the World Sleep Congress, September 23 - 25, 2019

Get ReadiTM to be more effective. Everyday. 
Understand the real impact of your sleep - Readi analyzes sleep data in order to predict the effects of sleep disruption on human fatigue. Specifically, it predicts the impact of sleep on your reaction time and cognitive effectiveness. With Readi, your sleep data is now meaningful in the context of your day ahead.
Today, most wearables can show you how you slept, with data like the quantity, quality, and timing of your sleep. But have you ever wondered what all this data really means?
Readi shows you the true, cumulative impact of your sleep (or lack thereof) on your waking hours.
Works with your favourite wearable -
Readi is compatible with ReadiBand™ and a growing range of devices, including trackers  from Fitbit and Garmin.
Based on validated science
Since 2006, professional sports teams, industrial workforces and elite military units have relied on SAFTE™, the biomathematical model used by Readi, to optimize human performance. SAFTE is exclusively available from Fatigue Science.
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